NEOS Fly is a re-designed in-flight food tray that is sustainable and anti-microbial. It's driving factors result from it's sustainable material, weight-saving design and flexibility of customization.
S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y   &   W E I G H T   S A V I N G
Sustainability is part of our culture, design process and delivery strategy. Using recycled material, we are able to meet the goal of creating a sustainable product that can be mechanically recycled at the end of its life-cycle and contributes to being made into a new tray whilst still holding its mechanical properties (Circular Economy Approach).
Apart from selecting a sustainable material to produce NEOS Fly, we focused on creating a sustainable impact with the product. We were able to achieve this by selecting a sustainable material that was light-weight in nature but still holds the physical and mechanical properties required by the industry for a durable product. We are able to save up to 30% of the current trays weight, allowing airlines to save up to USD1,500,000 in fuel savings per contract. By-factors of NEOS Fly's lightweight characteristics also assist airlines in reducing their carbon emissions and foot-print.
NEOS Fly has been sustainably designed in order to fall within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) of:
C I R C U L A R   E C O N O M Y   A P P R O A C H
The current supply chain in the aviation industry for in-flight catering products (trays, cups, plate, etc.) are far from sustainable. Products at the end of their life cycle end up in landfills. The current supply chain causes an environmental impact of 6.1 million tons of annual cabin waste dumped into landfills globally, as well as creates a financial impact on airlines of an average waste fee of USD65 per ton. Unfortunately, the majority of these products contribute to a continuous increase of carbon emissions and emit toxic fumes into our atmosphere when they are disposed then incinerated (burning waste).
We've created a closed-loop sustainable cycle that disrupts the airline supply chain for in-flight catering products. Post-production, NEOS Fly is used by flight catering centres and airlines and once it reaches the end of its life cycle, we collect the trays back from the airline, mechanically recycle them into new trays or other in-flight products and sell them back to the airline at a lower unit cost than initially purchased.
Products that can be recycled to product NEOS Fly include trays, water bottles, blankets, pillow covers, on-board catering products (spoons, plates), etc. 
E R G O N O M I C    D E S I G N
All our products are made to blend in their current environments. NEOS Fly is ergonomically designed to best fit its usage by all stakeholders. Whether it's the trays edges or legs. each point has been organically designed to fit its innovative aesthetics. We've developed NEOS Fly with our key stakeholders at the centre, including cabin crew, passengers and flight catering personnel, through trials developmental focus groups.
NEOS Fly has been designed to align onto one another whilst achieving efficient stacking resulting with the saving of inventory space. When to NEOS Fly trays are stacked the total heigh is 15.2 millimetres in comparison to the average staking of two Atlas trays of 24 millimetres.
One of the most important features that an in-flight tray holds is the Lock & Drag mechanism which aids cabin crew and flight catering services whilst handling multiple trays. This feature has been innovated and redesigned to appear seamless to passengers whilst easily functional to cabin crew and flight catering personnel.
A N T I - M I C R O B I A L
We understood the importance and need to adapt and innovate during COVID-19 in order to provide our clients with solutions that can enable them to do business and grow whilst also providing them with a solution that helps retains and eliminate the current virus outbreak. All our products are now offered with an anti-microbial additive from BioCote, which makes our products 99.9% microbe free. This makes NEOS Fly the first certified anti-microbial airline food tray.
We know the importance of having NEOS Fly tailored for our clients and that's why our means of production and technology allows us to customize the design and aesthetics according to your needs.
T H E  F U T U R E  O F  N E O S  F L Y
To learn more about the future of NEOS Fly that holds a seamless NFC data-capturing technology, click here.