NEOS Fly+ is the world first smart food tray that is built to tackle an aviation industry, USD 3.9 billion food waste problem (source: IATA).
Today, airlines only have access to the data of what food is being put onboard an aircraft, but don’t have access to what food is being consumed on-board an aircraft as there is no data collection tool to do this. This inevitably means that airlines lack information on their passenger dining preferences which leads to excessive food waste onboard an aircraft.
With the shell of NEOS Fly+ being identical to NEOS Fly, this technologically enhanced tray features embedded IoT technology that will enable the tray to provide stakeholders with realtime data on food that is consumed on the tray.
W H Y  N E O S  F L Y +
The smart tray will provide airlines insight into data that was never accessible prior to the innovation of NEOS Fly+. The data relayed to airlines will enable them to:

Reduce food waste onboard aircrafts

Understand their passengers consumption behaviour

Increase inventory utilization

Have access to asset inventory data in relevance to the tray

Insights into trends and predictive analysis

Insights into product offerings/customer purchasing behavior for ancillary revenue  based food products

The proprietary technology has been developed to reduce human interaction whilst also being adaptable to an airlines existing infrastructure without any major change.
NEOS Fly+ will enter the skies in early 2022, as a data platform at the forefront of collecting food consumption data onboard an aircraft to help curb the food waste problem in the aviation industry.
NEOS Fly+ is built to be scalable in other industries including the hospitality, education and medical industry.
To know more about NEOS Fly+ and how you can be an early adopter, reach out to our team.